LPG tank installation for Easigas Durban Depot located within the SAPREF Refinery grounds, 500-ton additional storage.

100 ton LPG storage vessel installation Easigas Durban facility.

Storage expansion in Kurasini (Facility Dar es Salaam) - Tanzania for the import of LPG. Storage increase of 200 tons in 4 x LPG Tank installation.


LPG Tank installation Kurasini Terminal Dar es Salaam, installation includes fire fighting and independent pump stations for road tanker filling.

LPG Sphere installation with 2 existing 250 ton LPG spheres being relocated intact to the Easigas site in 1997, tank support pilings of 11 meters in depth required to support the tanks.

LPG tank maintenance and flaring being undertaken for routine Hydraulic testing.

- Shell Alberton facility

Additional 400 ton LPG storage installation to supplement existing 360 ton mounded storage Tank installation

- Shell Nigel Terminal Facility

A mounded storage facility in Mwanza - Tanzania

Complete updating of the existing Oryx terminal with the decommissioning of old LPG storage tanks and installation of 200-ton storage in two mounded tanks with pump stations. Conversion of existing 500m³ diesel storage to fire water storage.

100 ton LPG tanks being loaded for transport from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza. LPG tanks imported from Lapesa in Spain.